Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner Concentrate


This multipurpose cleaner is the only Bio Cleaner eco-labelled certified by GECA and it is 100% chemical free, non-flammable and non-hazardous, so it is safe to use and does not pose any storage risk. It is Biodegradable according to Australian standards AS4351.
The Biological Cleaner is highly recommended for washroom cleaning since its bacteria target and digest the build up of uric salt deposits and sludge that build up in busy washrooms, urinals and toilets. These deposits and sludge are often the main cause of blockages and unpleasant odours urinals. The Biological Cleaner Concentrate is also ideal for urinal sanitisation.
The bio-bacterial technology used in our products guarantee that our products keep working upon application, simplifying cleaning problems and saving you time.


Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner is a general purpose cleaner that contains active ’good’ bacterial ingredients that digest grease, grime, dirt and soap scum commonly found thorough the house and working place.

The Biological Cleaner comes with a citrus fragrance and odour neutraliser that help keeping everything fresh and free of unpleasant smells. This fragrance repels flies and insects.