Tri Nature Enhance Pre Wash Spray


This pre-wash spray is safer to handle and have in the home. It is gentle on fabrics and the eco-system and can even be used in septic tanks. Safer to handle and have in the home and with no fillers or extenders will not clog up the waterways or your machine.
Coco Glucoside, Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate, Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate Blend, Lauryl/Myristyl Trimethyl Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Mixture, D`Limonene, Methyl Methoxy Butanol, Ethanol, Orange Oil.


Tri Nature Enhance Pre Wash Spray is an environmentally responsible, outstanding replacement for ordinary stain removal sprays. Enhance Pre-Wash Spray contains highly active, natural ingredients that absorb into stains to begin breaking them down before the wash even begins.

Enhance Pre Wash Spray is available in a ready to use 500ml spray bottle or, in a one litre concentrated formula which provides maximum convenience and value for money. One 1 litre bottle of the Tri Nature Pre Wash Spray makes up to 6 litres! Stains and grime of all sorts will be history. 

Perhaps buy a 500ml spray bottle, then the one litre concentrate, dilute and refill.

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Weight 548 kg