Wee Off spray Fragrance Free


Wee Off offers a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution to most urine problems. If urine stains and odours are left untreated, it can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. When using the Wee Off™, you are removing the source of the problem and leaving a clean, fresh and hygienic surface.
Wee Off™ is the only microbial carpet and stain & odour removal product eco-label certified by GECA. Wee Off is a good environmental choice.

Wee Off is now available in Fragrance Free – 125ml & 750ml only.
Wee Off is ideal for any industry, facility or household which has a problem with urine stains or urine odours.


Wee Off spray is a Bio-Bacterial Stains & Odour Remover – a natural and revolutionary way of removing the causes of stains and odours from any hard and soft surfaces. 

Wee Off contains billions of specifically selected friendly bacteria that target and digest organic matter such as urine, vomit, faeces, blood, bodily fluids, wine, coffee, food, milk and sauce, eliminating the source of the problem rather than masking it. 

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