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Nature Gleam is an online retailer of environmentally-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic, ethical and natural cleaning products. Because they are pure and not diluted, they are also more than cost-effective compared to toxic supermarket cleaners. Sustainable brushware and cloths are also available – even handmade timber towel racks and lamps.
We are constantly on the lookout for new products which fit with our philosophy and those we have chosen, although coming from a number of manufacturers, have been selected so as to ‘dovetail’ with each other. No one manufacturer provides everything, so we choose the best.
We are always open to suggestions from like-minded customers.
Make your purchase economic and eco-friendly! Your freight costs $15.00 unless you live in Launceston so, the more you buy, the cheaper the freight per item. Just think, you probably only get 3 trips to the supermarket for $15!


  • Protect your family from surroundings bathed in toxic chemicals.
  • For those sensitive to perfumes, we have fragrance-free cleaners.
  • For those who love perfumes, we have utterly delicious fragrances.
  • We have tested all products and can attest to their efficacy.
  • All our products are very cost-effective compared to supermarket chemicals. No fillers!!
  •  We have attempted to minimise our freight kilometres and thus our carbon footprint.
  • If time isn’t of the essence and you can order early, we can further reduce our carbon footprint by accumulating a larger order.